Driver Qualification Request
North American Van Lines Inc.
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Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Request Instructions
This is very important information pertaining to the qualification documents required by North American Van Lines Inc. and the Department of Transportation (DOT). Note that false, misleading or omitted information may result in the rejection of this Request and/or termination.
  • The online Driver Qualification Request (“Request”) must be completed in its entirety by the driver.

  • Continue through each page of the Request before submitting the Request.

  • Any “Yes” answers on the Request must be properly explained, with full details of the situation and listing of all court mandated requirements.

  • If you need to make modifications to the request, go back to that section and modify the data before submitting the Request. Once submitted, the Request cannot be modified unless North American Van Lines Inc. requires more information, at which point, you will be notified by your agent.

  • Once you have completed the Request click on the ‘Submit Request’ button to send it to your agent representative. You will need to print, sign and date the Agreement and Authorization to Release Information forms and submit them to the agent representative before your Request can be processed by the van lines.

  • Make sure you remember your password information.

Required Document Instructions
A listing of all Required Documents, as well as links to those documents, may be accessed after you submit your Request, or when you log in to check the status of your request. You will find them under the navigation column.
  • Read the North American Van Lines Inc. Drug Abuse and Alcohol Misuse Policy, North American Van Lines Inc. Safety Policies & Guidelines and the Log Compliance Information. Print and complete the “Qualification Receipts” form.

  • Complete the “Entry Level Training”. This is required for all drivers with a current Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and having less than one-year experience in Interstate Commerce. Print and complete the “Entry Level Training Certification” form.

  • Complete the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) release form. This is required for all CDL drivers.

  • The Physical Examination Report and Medical Examiner’s Certificate should be taken to a licensed doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, doctor of chiropractic, physician’s assistant, or advance practice nurse for proper completion. The DOT Physical date of examination must be within the last 30 days.

  • You will also be required to pass a Controlled Substance Abuse Test and Road Test prior to being considered for qualification.

Submit all of the additional required Qualification Documents to your Agent Representative. Include a copy (front and back) of your Driver’s License and Residency Card (Green Card) with your Social Security Card, if applicable.

Upon receipt of a properly completed Request and Agreement and Authorization to Release Information forms, we will conduct an Employment and Criminal Investigation as well as a Motor Vehicle Record Check as required by DOT regulations 49 CFR 391.23 and 391.25. All required Qualification Documents will need to be received by the NAVL Driver Qualification department, prior to the issuance of a Safety Number.

Thank you for your interest in North American Van Lines Inc.